Learn how to promote your mindfulness services

even if you have zero marketing or technical skills.

You change lives by helping people integrate mindfulness into their days.

But getting new clients for your mindfulness programs, classes, or private sessions can be tough for even the best mindfulness teachers.

➡️ Maybe you’re already sharing great content with your audience...but they're not engaging with it or signing up for your offers.

➡️ Or perhaps you aren't sure what to focus on in your marketing so you don't waste your time or money.

➡️ Or maybe you're hesitant to put your offers out there because you don't want to sound salesy - you want to be authentic in your marketing.

There are people out there who would love your guidance in bringing mindfulness into their life.

But they just don't know about you...yet.


It can be hard not to get overwhelmed by all the contradicting marketing advice out there.

But that's where Online Marketing for Mindfulness Teachers comes in to help you make marketing simple...once and for all!


Because you CAN absolutely get more clients:


from the heart

in a way that provides true value

without spending countless hours or dollars on figuring it all out yourself.

"As someone who loves teaching mindfulness classes but didn't feel confident about marketing, I found Simona's course to be a great resource. 

The insights in the lessons and workbooks helped me clearly identify my audience and gave me creative ideas for reaching and serving new clients.

She breaks down the process in an accessible way that makes the marketing process feel doable and even fun. Like meditation, marketing turns out to be a practice - showing up and making incremental progress. Thank you, Simona! "

- Mary Linda McBride, Mindful Nonprofit


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    Marketing yourself authentically is essential if you want to help more people be present!

    You could spend your time in a rabbit hole of Googling marketing advice from countless websites, articles, or YouTube videos…and still wondering why nothing's working


    you could just get proven marketing insights in Online Marketing For Mindfulness Teachers - a course designed specifically for kind souls like you who teach mindfulness or have a mindfulness-focused business.

    Right now, people need mindfulness in their lives more than ever.

    This is what you've been training for, dear soul!

    You've put in countless hours (and not to mention your hard-earned $$s) to learn how to teach mindfulness to others.

    It’s time to make your services known to the world so you can help more people! I'll be there to guide you every step of the way.

    Earn more money while helping people live better lives!

    Here's what you'll be able to do after taking this heart-centered marketing course:

    ✔️ Understand the online marketing process from start to finish so you know where to focus your marketing efforts.

    ✔️ Make your website design and content work for you in the background so your visitors sign up without you having to chase them down.

    ✔️ Leverage a mindful email marketing strategy to cultivate relationships and grow your email list so that your newsletter subscribers become actual clients and students.

    ✔️ Create high-value content that connects with your ideal audience AND establishes you as an expert in your field.

    ✔️ Feel confident knowing which social media platform to use (or not use) to get more engagement and sign-ups.

    ✔️ Have a plan for growing your mindfulness business sustainably so you can continue to show up from a place of love and presence while being financially secure.

    "This online course provides a really helpful overview of all aspects of marketing including outreach, website, email marketing, content creation and most importantly, adopting the right mindset and creating a consistent marketing practice – much like our mindfulness practice.

    I found Simona’s approach pragmatic yet very personal and mindfully delivered. The weekly group calls were also hugely beneficial to supporting the online content. They helped to understand the challenges of others and to know I wasn’t alone in figuring this stuff out!"

    - Jacqui Edmiston, Elevate

    As a student in Online Marketing for Mindfulness Teachers, you will:

     ☑️ Feel confident marketing yourself with 6 self-paced marketing modules

    Get lifetime access to proven marketing lessons that teach you step-by-step how to market your mindfulness business with confidence, and in a way that connects with your audience so people can't wait to work with you!

     ☑️ Apply insights to your business easily with actionable workbooks

    Use these exercises to apply what you learn in your business immediately so you get more clients and students faster!

     ☑️ Be fully supported with live weekly group marketing coaching and Q&A calls

     ☑️ Connect with other mindfulness teachers

    Meet like-minded souls, make new connections, and feel supported and accountable as you work through the course with other mindfulness teachers.

     ☑️ Touch more lives and make a bigger impact

    Completing this course will give you the skills & knowledge to promote your mindfulness services confidently so you can grow your revenue AND impact!


    ☑️ One full hour of private marketing support and coaching

    Let's figure out what's been holding you back from reaching more people and put together a plan that moves you forward without having to spend so much time (and money) on your marketing.

     ☑️ Access to Monthly Mindfulness Content Creation group calls

    Get monthly inspiration and accountability so it's easy to create the content you need to bring value to your audience...and of course attract more clients and students!

     ☑️ Access to our private Mindful Marketers group

    Connect with fellow mindfulness teachers from around the world in this private LinkedIn group. Stay inspired by sharing ideas, challenges, and successes.

    Namaste fellow mindful soul!

    I'm Simona and I'm dedicated to bringing mindfulness into the mainstream.


    As the founder of Mindful Copy Agency, I provide mindfulness teachers with effective marketing guidance and expert copywriting that brings a constant inflow of new clients and students!

    I find there's two main reasons most mindfulness teachers aren't getting as many clients as they'd like:

    1. They're only focusing their marketing efforts in one channel without a clear understanding of their audience.
    2. They're overwhelmed with the amount of marketing tips online and aren't sure which ones to apply and how to actually do it.

    If either one sounds like you, don't worry - I'm here to help!

    I provide the insights and support you need to market yourself effectively without being "salesy."

    There's nothing more fulfilling to me than knowing that more people will be less stressed and more empowered when they integrate mindfulness into their lives...because you weren't afraid to share your wisdom and guidance!

    Here's to bringing more mindfulness into this world together!

     ❤︎ Simona

    I put all the most essential marketing insights and my best tips in one place for you!

    So now you can finally have a step-by-step plan with proven marketing strategies to grow your reach, nurture relationships with your ideal clients and convert website visitors into clients and students.

    Here's what you can look forward to learning in this course:

    (Click on the down arrow to expand the list and see the names of each module and lesson.)

      Welcome to Online Marketing for Mindfulness Teachers
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      Module 1: Mission, Goals, & Mindset
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      Module 2: Plan Your Outreach Strategy
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      Module 3: Make Your Website Work for You
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      Module 4: Cultivate Relationships with Email Marketing
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      Module 5: Create Content that Builds Trust
    Available in days
    days after you enroll
      Module 6: Marketing as an Ongoing Practice
    Available in days
    days after you enroll

    "Simona's marketing course has been enormously beneficial to my business. From start to finish, she provides all the information you need to succeed. Thanks to Simona, marketing is no longer the mystery it once was and I'm empowered with the knowledge I need to promote my services."

    - Marcy Westcott, The Still State Meditation & Mindfulness Instruction

    These mindful marketing lessons will grow your reach, revenues, & impact:

    Module 1:

    Mission, Goals, & Mindset

    • Ensure you have a strong foundation for your mindfulness business by defining your mission, goals, and bringing awareness to your marketing mindset.
    Module 2:

    Plan Your Outreach Strategy

    • Understand the three Cs of mindful marketing and how they can help you connect with more of your ideal clients through an outreach strategy that fits your specific mission and vision.
    Module 3:

    Make Your Website Work for You

    • Gain clarity on how to make the most of each page of your website so that it connects with your ideal clients and gets them to take action - to sign up for your services, classes, or mindfulness programs.
    Module 4:

    Cultivate Relationships with Email Marketing

    • Learn how to quickly grow your email list and use it to deepen relationships so your ideal clients can’t wait to work with you.
    Module 5:

    Create Content that Builds Trust

    • Learn how to optimize your content for search engines and get ideas for continually creating blogs and content that will help you keep growing your website traffic, email subscribers, and your impact.
    Module 6:

    Marketing as an Ongoing Practice

    • Have a solid marketing strategy by putting everything together in a way that helps you attract new clients even while you sleep.

    “The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless & free your actions will be.” - The Dalai Lama

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    Enter your email below and be the first to know when the course opens for enrollment in the fall of 2022.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      When does the course open for enrollment?

      The course is currently closed for enrollment as we are focusing our full attention on helping each current student succeed. Sign up with your email to be notified once the course reopens in the fall of 2022.

      All live group coaching calls will be held live via Zoom at 9am PT/noon ET on Thursdays. The dates of the the next calls will be posted here in the fall of 2022.

      What is the refund policy?

      You get a full 30 days to try out the course before making a final commitment. If you aren't satisfied with the course material, workbook, or the private and group support, simply send me an email at [email protected] within 30 days of enrollment and I'll be happy to return your investment without any questions.

      When are the live weekly group calls?

      The next wave of students will get access to live weekly coaching and support calls every Thursday at 9am PT/noon ET.

      These typically last one hour as we review each module and answer your questions. You will get a Zoom link to access these in your email.

      How long does the course take to complete?

      The course includes 6 modules with 3-5 lessons plus workbook exercises. Each video lesson is between 5-15 minutes.

      The course is self-paced but if you complete one module per week, you will complete the course in 6 weeks. This is recommended if you want to take advantage of the weekly group calls.

      If you want to complete the course even faster by putting in 5-15 minutes per day on each lesson (plus time on the workbooks at your own pace), you will complete the course within 3 weeks.

      Do I get any support if I have questions?

      Absolutely, I'm here for you! Email me with questions regarding the course material or save your questions for a deeper discussion and guidance during our weekly live calls or your private marketing session.

      And if you have questions prior to enrolling in the course, feel free to email me at [email protected]